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Nail Time and More
Professional Nail Care

Nail Time & More brings you a new brand of salon, a uniquely vibrant and relaxed environment with a modern luxurious quality back to our industry.

We have an exclusive vision to reimagine what the industry has been lacking for many years now.

Our priority is to make our clients feel pampered and relaxed while enjoying their experience here at our salon. We will maintain our progressiveness and edginess by providing the latest trends and offering excellent service throughout your stay with us. You belong here; you belong in luxury, you deserve pampering and excellence.

We set high standards for cleanliness and sanitation! Our pedicure chairs are pipeless, which ensures your safety by eliminating a bacteria’s breeding ground. We disinfect our equipment with an autoclave sterilizer; and all tools, which include pumice stone nail files and buffers, are disposable.

“We are a team of experience and professional nail techs. Therefore we always take the time to work best for our customers.”

Nail Time and More