The Fascinating History of Manicures and Nail Care.

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Are you tired of the same old nail designs and colors? It’s time to step up your nail game with the latest trends in manicures. At Nail Time and More, we’re all about pushing the boundaries of traditional nail art and exploring new possibilities. From holographic nails to marble designs, there’s no limit to what […]

Nail Time Essentials: Must-Have Products for the Perfect Manicure.

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The secret to their flawless gel manicures lies not only in their skills but also in the high-quality products they use. Nail Time And More takes pride in utilizing top-of-the-line gel polishes that boast an extensive color range, ensuring that every client can find their perfect shade. This commitment to excellence extends beyond just aesthetics; […]

Unleashing Your Creative Side: DIY Nail Art Inspiration.

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But why stop there? Nail cut and filing is not just about aesthetics – it also plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy nails. Regular trimming helps prevent breakage and promotes strong growth while filing ensures a smooth surface free from snags and rough edges. So next time you visit us at Nail Time And […]

The Secret to Long-Lasting Nails: Tips from the Pros.

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Have you ever wanted a unique and eye-catching manicure? Look no further than nails ombre! This trendy nail design technique is all about creating a graduated color effect on your nails, with different shades blending seamlessly into each other. Say goodbye to mundane single-color manicures and hello to a stunning gradient of hues that will […]